2012 Krost Symposium: Dr. Doris Marie Provine

Oct 4, 2012

Dr. Provine is the director of the School of Justice and Social Inquiry at Arizona State University. Previously, she had a long tenure at Syracuse University and served as Director of the Law and Social Sciences Program at the National Science Foundation. Her areas of interest reflect her background in law (JD Cornell) and political science (Ph.D. Cornell).

Some of her research has focused on the courts and policies related to them; most recently she studied the  role racism has played in the war on drugs.

She is the author of Unequal Under Law:Race and the War on Drugs (2007). Her current work revolves around policies concerning unauthorized immigration.  A year-long Fulbright research grant (2007-2008) allowed her to examine the issue from a cross-national perspective. With generous support from the National Science Foundation, she is studying how local police are responding to opportunities to collaborate with federal officials in the enforcement of federal immigration law.

Wednesday, Oct. 42012 the Krost Symposium had its hosted author, Dr Doris Marie Provine, author of Unequal Under the Law: Race in the War on Drugs.

The 2012 Krost Symposium is focused on the U.S. criminal justice system and, in particular, racism, the “drug war”, immigration, and the concept of restorative justice.