In Attorney General Race, Many Voters Are Still Undecided

Feb 21, 2014

An internal poll put out by Dan Branch’s campaign for attorney general found 40 percent of those surveyed were undecided.

And that has political experts like Professor Cal Jilson, who teaches political science at Southern Methodist University, pointing to the fact that many voters don’t know the candidates in the race.

"The AG is the third most important statewide office and at that level voters start thinking, 'You know, I don’t really know these guys.' And if they recognize the names they don’t have any details behind that," Jilson said.

Jilson pointed out that Branch and Ken Paxton, who is also a Republican running for attorney general, are both state lawmakers that were elected by their local state districts. Railroad Commissioner Barry Smitherman is the only candidate in the Republican race who occupied a statewide office.

"And so he’s been the one elected statewide before, but in a low profile race," Jilson said.

During the first week of early voting, campaign officials report Branch spent $4 million of his total $4.3 million in media buys and television ads.

The last day of early voting is February 28 and the primary election ends March 4.