Audio Streaming - Listen Online with the TPR Flash Audio Player

Nov 1, 2012

You can listen to KSTX and KPAC via the "Listen Live" button at the top of the web page -- click the button and select which station you want, which will open the pop-up Flash player in a new window.

The "Now Playing" block on the right hand side of the page shows you what is on the air at that moment on each station (including KTXI, KTPR & KVHL) and also includes listen live links for each station. The iTunes and Windows links will open the stream in the associated players.

If any of the streams are not working properly or you are having any difficulty, please let us know.

We want you to have the best listening experience possible and your feedback is essential. If you have problems with dropouts or excessive buffering on any of the streams, please report to Please include your city, ISP and connection type (cable, DSL, dial-up, etc.)