Beat It: Recycling For Music's Sake

Mar 20, 2017

A Canadian musical troupe is coming to the Majestic Theatre to perform and the way they make their music is unusual.

"Yeah, we're coming shortly to perform in San Antonio. We're bringing about 145 invented musical instruments with us. Wind instruments, string instrumentation, and lots of percussion," says Scrap Arts' Music Director Gregory Kozak.

He's not kidding on the percussion. And none of the instruments he's playing started out as instruments.

"It's all stuff I built with my own two hands, essentially out of recycled material that I have hammered and welded and transformed. And I have made these large-scale articulated sculptures, put then all on wheels," Kozak says.    

Those wheels come in handy because they move in and between and among themselves. It's highly physical, and the instruments move with the players.

"Having the instruments on wheels allows me to transform them during a show into shapes, and allows for a wonderful, interesting, syncopated kaleidoscopic choreography, as it were. We've put a lot of energy into creating our lights for this, creating our instruments. We're trying to create a spectacle here," he says.

His Vancouver, British Colombia, home base makes available a huge variety of instruments in the raw.

"Lots of marine salvage, industrial salvage, high end salvage, I've got miniature submarine ballasts and pieces of airplanes and bicycle bits as well. Once I start an instrument, it's never finished. They all have names. They all have little personalities, and so I have a great deal of affection for the things that I have."

Arts San Antonio is bringing them in for one night only. As to what you can expect Kozak says, "Surely you'll get five wonderful musicians onstage, and they're all great performers."

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Introduction to SCRAP•ARTS•MUSIC from Scrap Arts Music on Vimeo.