Best Of Brasil Summerfest 2013: Hip Hop, Samba, Tecno Brega And Beyond

Jul 25, 2013
Originally published on August 8, 2013 4:14 pm

The other day, a friend living in the milder climes of Mexico City — where it's been raining every day — had the nerve to moan about the lack of summer there. As an East Coaster in the midst of another wave of heat and humidity, I promptly informed her that I wouldn't tolerate the complaint.

At Alt.Latino, one of our favorite ways to cope with the sweltering heat is to head up to New York City for Brasil Summerfest: Once a year, new and legendary Brazilian artists swoop through the city like a cool breeze. And, once a year, we invite one of our favorite producers — Beco Dranoff, who curates Brasil Summerfest — to give us a taste of the newest lineup.

This week's episode offers an added bonus: Once again, you get to hear me struggling to pronounce Portuguese words. It's been suggested that we do a comedy segment in which our Portuguese-speaking listeners send in the most difficult, tongue-twisting words in the language, and I try and say them aloud. I'm going to sleep on that idea.

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