Broken Border: Immigration Reform In The Southwest

Jan 24, 2013

Fronteras: After years of stalled debate, immigration reform is about to get top billing in Congress. How two Arizona lawmakers will have a big role in drafting an immigration overhaul plan, what reform could mean for the construction industry and what it means to have a "secure border." Finally, we follow a photographer along the Mexican border who is capturing the work of bi-national artists.

Arizona's Role In The Gang Of Eight

When Congress takes up immigration reform in the next few weeks, two lawmakers from Arizona will have a big hand in shaping the debate. Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake are part of the so-called Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group in the Senate that’s hammering out a proposal. In our Fronteras series, Broken Border, Immigration Reform in the Southwest, Peter O’Dowd tells us what to expect.

As Immigration Reform Looms, Workers Ponder Legalization

Call it a path to citizenship. Call it amnesty. Call it what you will — it's the most contentious component of what President Obama is likely to include in his proposal to overhaul immigration. Our series, Broken Border - Immigration Reform in the Southwest, continues as Fronteras reporter Jill Replogle takes a look at what legalization might mean for one industry with a high percentage of undocumented immigrant workers.

The Quest For A Secure Border

Border security first. That’s the rallying call of many conservatives who see 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country as clear evidence that the federal government has failed the job of border enforcement. They say before we reform the immigration system, and offer a path to citizenship to those who came here illegally, we need to secure the border. In the latest in our series, Michel Marizco looks at what border security really means and whether the U.S. has reached its goal.

Photographer Captures the Work of Border Artists

Art is redefining public spaces, particularly those marked by hardship or violence. That's what drew photographer Stefan Falke to the U.S./Mexico border. He's capturing the work of bi-national artists in this region for a project he calls La Frontera. Reporter Mónica Ortiz Uribe shadowed him for a day.