Call YOSA, Maybe? Pop Up Event Highlights Lighter Side of Orchestra

Jan 23, 2013

Troy Peters has arranged and organized contemporary tunes for fundraiser

Saturday night Radius becomes much more than offices and a restaurant; the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio will transform the space to an orchestral club. "And the idea is that we just show up with an orchestra in various places, and we've memorized a song, we've worked out an arrangement together, and we sing and play songs that people aren't used to orchestral musicians perform," says Music Director Troy Peters.

"On Sunday afternoon at rehearsal, we're playing Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Copland...we're playing standard orchestral repertoire. But when we do these parties or we do the video shoots, we just get together for some extra time, and work it all out." 

Stop And Feel The Music begins at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday and will benefit the students in YOSA programs. Musical performances are highlighted with drinks, food and a silent auction.