Castro Twins Talk Gun Control With PBS's Charlie Rose

Dec 18, 2012

San Antonio’s political power twins Julián and Joaquín Castro continue to attract the spotlight of the national media. Yesterday the brothers were guests on the PBS Charlie Rose program. 

Joaquín is just days away from being sworn in as a congressman and Julián is moving forward with implementing the recently passed Pre-K for SA program.

The two sat down with PBS interviewer Rose, who quizzed the two with questions about their lives, ambitions and policy views - particularly about gun control.

"There are responsible gun owners and they use guns responsibly – they are separate and apart from the issue that we have here," said Julián.

The two democrats stressed that they support gun rights but would like tighter regulation – particularly the gun show loop hole which allows the purchase of guns without a background check, waiting period or oversight.

"Just like you have restrictions on free speech, there are restrictions on each of these rights that we have. But the debate has been so skewed towards a bit of paranoia of the last several years that it’s been tough to have an honest debate about it," said Joaquín.

So which brother will run for the White House? The brothers joked that since he’s a minute older, Julián has first dibs.