Conspirare Brings Special Guest Ruthie Foster For Holiday Performance

Dec 3, 2013

Conspirare is a professional chamber choir from Austin that sings different types of music, from medieval to modern. The word itself may sound like it has sinister undertones, but Craig Hella Johnson, the group's artistic director, said it means, "to breathe together."

"We are so thrilled about our visit to San Antonio," Johnson said. "We are returning to a venue that we really enjoy singing in -- Laurel Heights United Methodist Church -- and we are singing this Friday."

But you won’t just be hearing Conspirare perform. As they do every year, they’ve found a musical collaborator.

"This year’s collaborator is Ruthie Foster," Johnson said. "I think a lot of people think of her as a blues singer."

If combining a blues singer and a choral group sounds like an odd combination, Johnson said that’s not by accident.

"We bring in someone who’s really going to mix it up for us," he said.

For those who haven’t seen Conspirare, I asked him what audiences could expect if they came to the holiday-themed concert.

"Bathe in the beauty of it, and have a holiday experience that feels real and authentic," Johnson said. "I’ve had many, many people who have said, 'I’m not really into choral music, but I came to this one, and I got it.'"

Your chance to "get it" comes this Friday, December 6.