Contemporary Art Crash Course

Feb 11, 2013

Contemporary Art is both a maligned and lauded movement. For the average person, it is taxing to try and meet an artist halfway in a piece of art that is designed to be as much a dialogue as an expression.  

Dr. Andrew Cambell, who teaches art at Texas State University in San Marcos,  isn't put off by Morley Safer and wants to demystify the form.  Touching on authorship and appropriation, materials, identity, and how his own work fits into the mix, he lays out a series of understandable explanations that will have you wanting to engage with your next contemporary art exhibit.

"I was walking around the galleries earlier before my talk, and there was a family in front of the Leonardo Drew sculpture in the sculpture garden. One of them started shaking their head and said 'Now I just don't know why that's art."

You have to admit that looking at the works of realist painter Edward Hopper is easier to digest than contemporary art "idea man" Jeff Koons.  The swell of the movement through the 80s and 90s caused many mainstream art fans to cry foul.  

The movement became a bit of a parody for the popular press, as shown in the "60 Minutes" story from the 90s, Yes... But Is It Art?

Hear the entire presentation here: