Environmental Group Says Coal Power Plants Are "Putting Texas In The Frying Pan"

Sep 10, 2013

New Environmental Protection Agency rules for power plants go into effect on Sept. 20 and a new report details how Texas power plants are one of the leading causes of global warming in the country.

Environment Texas Executive Director Luke Metzger said their study shows Texas is the leading nation when it comes to power plant pollution. Texas is home to two of the dirtiest plants in the United States in the Martin Lake Plant, located south of Longview, and the W.A. Parish Plant, which is just outside of Houston. 

"Scientist are telling us that global warming is going to lead to more frequent, more severe extreme weather like the drought, like the heat waves, like the wildfires that we’ve seen here in Texas that have been so devastating here especially in the last few years," Metzger said.

Metzger said Texas power plants put out more pollution than 45 million cars and are the largest single source of global warming pollution in the state.