Every 10 Minutes, Another Person Is Added To The Organ Transplant Waiting List

Jun 27, 2018

Almost 115,000 people in the United States today are in need of a organ transplant and about 75,000 of those on the list are actively waiting for a life-saving donation and procedure.

More than 138 million adults in the United States are registered organ donors, but the number of patients being added to the waiting list continues to be more than those signing up.   

Patients can wait months, even years, for a transplant. An estimated 8,000 people die each year because the organs aren’t received in time. The most commonly needed organs include the liver, heart, lung, kidney and pancreas.

Texas has 26 transplant centers and 3 non-profit organ procurement organizations, which help manage the process from donation to transplant.  

How does the organ donation system work in Texas and where can resources be found in San Antonio? What are some of the concerns, misconceptions and potential benefits of registering as an organ donor?


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