Fronteras Extra: Creating A Generation Of Children 'Whose Emotions Matter'

Jun 15, 2018

Ramon Vasquez, executive director of American Indians in Texas, and doula Ari Chagoya.
Credit Norma Martinez / Texas Public Radio

Local doula Ari Chagoya works with mothers- and fathers-to-be. Chagoya said involving as many people as possible in the birth process heightens awareness. And in case the mother or child are experiencing postpartum health problems, the family will work as an advocate.  

“There’s a lot of work to do in postpartum,” Chagoya said. “I’m teaching (family members) how to listen to their baby. One of the things I’ll do is teach them what each cry means. If we have a generation (of children) who’s finally listened to, and whose emotions matter, there’s going to be an incredible amount of creativity coming out of that baby.”

Credit Joffi / Pixabay /

Chagoya said identifying those cries and knowing how to to respond will set up a child for success in the long term.

“You’re setting them up for ‘I’ve got somebody who can listen to me. I know where to go get my healing.’ ”

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