FRONTERAS: Harris County Won't Join SB4 Suit; What Refugees Take With Them; Rediscovered SA Mosaic

Jul 14, 2017


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  •  Harris County votes to stay out of the SB4 lawsuit despite vocal citizen protests.
  •  An Iraqi national who came here for a better life and helped the U.S. military during the war faces deportation in New Mexico.
  •   An exhibit in San Diego highlights items precious to refugees who fled their war torn nations.
  •  San Antonians get a new look at a huge rediscovered mosaic by a Mexican artist that had not been in plain sight until recently.


Judge Ed Emmett (center) presided the Commissioners Court bi-monthly meeting held on July 11th that debated whether Harris County will join the lawsuit against SB4.
Credit Al Ortiz


Harris County Won’t Join Lawsuit Against New “Show Me Your Papers” Law

Harris County, home to the largest city in the state, Houston, takes a different stance on SB4 – the so-called “show me your papers” law.  It will not join other Texas cities suing the state.  Tensions were high in this week’s Harris County Commissioners Court meeting. State legislators and activists voice urged commissioners to join the lawsuit against SB4, the new law that allows law enforcement to question immigrants about their legal status.  Houston Public Media’s Al Ortiz was there.

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Kadhim Albumohammed
Credit Marisa Demarco / KUNM


Iraqi National Who Helped U.S. Military Prepares For Deportation

There are about 1,400 Iraqi nationals in the United States who could be sent back to Iraq any day now under new Trump Administration policies no matter how long they have lived here. One refugee in Albuquerque has been fearing his time is up in the country, even though he spent years helping the U.S. military during the Iraq War. Immigration authorities have ordered him to report to their offices for removal.  KUNM’s Marisa Demarco has the story.

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An undated photograph by Jim Lommasson of musical instruments on display as part of the "What We Carried" exhibit at the New Americans Museum of San Diego.
Credit courtesy photo


What Refugees Take With Them When Leaving Home

Many refugees fleeing war torn countries leave their homes on short notice and have to quickly decide what to take with them, knowing that they won’t return.  A new exhibit in San Diego shines a spotlight on the touching, odd and overall, very personal items scooped up and now treasured by Iraqi and Syrian immigrants and refugees. Maureen Cavanaugh of KPBS spoke with Linda Callabero Sotelo, executive director of the New Americans Museum and curator of the exhibit, “What we carried: Fragments and Memories of Iraq and Syria.”   Joining them was a second generation Chaldean American from El Cajon, James Elia, who helped organize the display.

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Confluence of Civilizations
Credit Jack Morgan


Huge Mexican Art Mosaic Rediscovered In San Antonio

If you're walking in front of the Lila Cockrell Theatre in downtown San Antonio, you'll see an enormous mosaic created by Mexican Artist Juan O'Gorman. The tearing down of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention center revealed the work to city residents who were largely unaware of it.  Texas Public Radio’s Jack Morgan takes us there.

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