Get Ready For Cold Weather: Protect Your Pipes

Dec 10, 2012

Though temperatures rarely get low enough to freeze and burst water pipes in San Antonio, these kinds of things do sometimes happen, so it is good to know some simple ways to prepare your house for the freezing weather.

Tonights low is projected at 29 degrees by the National Weather Service, which is cold enough to freeze pipes, and SAWS has a few simple things you can do to save your plumbing.

  • Seal openings where cold air can reach unprotected pipes. Cold wind speeds up the freezing process so cover your exposed pipes with foam.
  • You can let faucets drip, which will keep them from freezing solid, though SAWS does not recommend this method and will not reimburse you for "excess" water used.
  • In extended freezing weather it helps to open cabinets under sinks to allow warmer air to circulate around pipes that are connected to an exterior wall.

"While it rarely gets cold enough to cause harm to pipes in our area, it's important to know the steps you can take to help protect your pipes from freezing or bursting," said Anne Hayden, SAWS Communications Manager in a statement on the SAWS website.

  • SAWS 24-hour emergency line: 210-704-7297

If you will be gone for a few days during freezing weather, water utilities recommend turning off your water. Nathan Bernier of KUT News has this how-to video.

How To Shut Off The Water To Your Home from KUT News on Vimeo.