Getting Around San Antonio Is Even More Challenging For People With Disabilities

Nov 14, 2017

Navigating public transportation, arranging for a ride service, or sometimes just getting down the sidewalk are daily situations that can be problematic for people with disabilities.

In a growing city like San Antonio, lack of reliable transportation options can limit a person's ability to get to work, attend social events, be an active part of their community and live a productive life. 

The local bus system's VIAtrans program provides pre-scheduled pickups and drop-offs for people with disabilities outside of fixed routes.

What other transportation resources are available in the San Antonio area? How do ride-hailing companies accommodate people with disabilities?

Are standards compliant with American Disabilities Act enough? How can private and public spaces change to improve transportation for people with disabilities?  


AccessAbility Fest is a free and open event at Toyota Field this Saturday  click here for details. On Dec. 5, disABILITYsa is hosting an interactive dialogue about transportation and disability at Brick. Find more information here.  

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