"Golden Theater" At The Playhouse Provides A Creative Outlet For Seniors

Apr 23, 2014

A new production is relying on some not-so-new actors. As someone who is gray-haired myself, I can call those actors not-so-new. Although many of them are new to acting itself. The program is called Golden Theater.

Christina Casella, the education outreach director at The Playhouse, said the program is basically theater classes for senior citizens.

“We as actors have the luxury to work through pieces written by amazing authors and playwrights to express out feelings," she said. "And sometimes students like senior citizens don’t have that opportunity, so it’s great to offer that kind of opportunity for students like that.”

Golden Theater is a collaboration with Bihl House Arts.

“Executive Director Kellen McIntyre; her mission is to offer opportunities to senior citizens in all aspects of art," said Casella. "They have art classes and music classes and now, yay! Theater classes."

Casella said the project culminates Thursday afternoon with a production at The Playhouse.

“The performance is Thursday, at the Playhouse in the Cellar Theater, which is our smaller space, at 2 p.m. And it’s free!”

As to the actors, Casella said their experience varies greatly.

“We have students who have done this -- back in their heyday they were actors once upon a time, they still have their head shots and resume -- and we have actors who have never stepped on a stage, picked up their scripts before in their lives," said Casella. "So it’s great to see how those students at either end of the spectrum come together and create something beautiful.”

I asked her what theater-goers could expect.

"They can expect a comedic scene between a gaggle of ladies, to a monologue that comes from the heart. It’s everywhere in between; it’s going to be a ton of fun,” Casella said.