Google Fiber Installation Halted After Resident Complaints

Jan 12, 2017


The City of San Antonio has halted the construction of Google Fiber throughout the city. The size of the huts raised questions about impact on the neighborhoods they would be in.

The first Google Fiber hut began construction in July of 2016. These are the network hubs of fiber-optic cable and distribution for the high speed internet provider.  That was several months and many complaints ago.

Mayor Ivy Taylor says it was seeing them plotted out in a South Side neighborhood that made her question the placements of the network.

"When I went out to the lot on the South Side -  a vacant lot between two homes - and I saw the mass and scale of it in comparison to the houses nearby, it just led to a lot of questions," Taylor says.

Initially, Google proposed 40 hut sites. The city asked for fewer huts to minimize disruption, and they settled on 17 after Google re-engineered and increased the capacity of each hut. 

Now remaining hut locations are under review and city staff have been asked to avoid city parks and neighborhoods. This means they need new locations for half of the remaining huts.

Despite this City Councilman Mike Gallagher remains optimistic about the project timeline.

"I don't think it will be very long at all," Gallagher says. "The city staff has done a very good job of examining a lot of properties."

He says he expects to be back on track in a couple of months.

**Correction, an early version of this story stated that the size of the Google Fiber Hut structures were 50 feet by 30 feet. The fenced in lot size is roughly 50 by 30, the structures are 30 by 12 feet in size.