Gov. Perry, Sen. Cruz Visit Wounded At Fort Hood

Apr 4, 2014

Following their visit with those wounded in this week's shooting rampage at Fort Hood, both Gov. Rick Perry and Sen.Ted Cruz declined to comment on whether anyone should be allowed to concealed carry on a military base.   

Perry said what has happened at Fort Hood for a second time is not an easy thing to swallow.

"There aren’t any easy answers to what occurred here, and there’s no way to wish away the suffering that’s occurring for those that have been caught in this very senseless act of violence,” Perry said.

Perry said the state will learn lessons about what led to the shooting and how minimize the chances of it ever happening again. Both Perry and Cruz were asked about changing the policy to allow military men and women to conceal carry while on post.

“It’s a good question [and] it’s a question that should be looked into, but at this point today there’s going to be time to address the public policy issues," Cruz said. "At this point today we need to be focusing on the victims, praying for their recovery and helping this community come back together.”

Since Army Spc Ivan Lopez’s shooting rampage, many have asked if those with a conceal carry license should be allowed to bring their weapon on a military base because there was no current way to screen those like Lopez for a weapon.