A "Happily Ever After" Opening To Ballet San Antonio Season

Sep 19, 2013

Ballet San Antonio is gearing up for their move into the Tobin next year, but first, there's this season.

"We start with Ben Stevenson’s 'Cinderella' and from there we go into 'The Nutcracker' with the San Antonio Symphony," says Ballet San Antonio’s Executive Director Courtney Barker. "We’re going to be having 'Firebird,' which is an exciting ballet with some mixed repertoire of contemporary works. And then finally we’re going to be doing a free community performance at La Villita."

The performance of "Cinderella," which opens the season on October 10, will be the same traditional story, but the company has a little fun with some of the characters.

"They can expect to see the story that still brings the magic and the romance, but it still brings a lot of humor," says Barker. "You’ll see that, for example, the step sisters are played by men. It’s incredibly funny."

So what is it about "Cinderella" that strikes a chord with so many?

"It’s a ballet that brings you back to believing in happily ever after," says Barker. "And there's humor in it and there's magic. It's really a ballet for all ages."

Barker maintained that those who haven’t been to a ballet are really missing out.

“Ballet isn’t just about little girls in tutus," she says. "It’s about these incredible athletes, and the dedication it takes to get to their level. They work their entire lives."