The Holly & The Steinway: The Piano As A Christmas Tradition

Dec 21, 2012

Think back to how families used to celebrate the Holidays. For some of us, it was sitting in front of the TV watching a Charlie Brown special, and going back another twenty years, Dad would play disc-jockey, keeping the records spinning on the Hi-Fi. Back another generation, families grouped around the piano with someone, who hopefully spent some time practicing, played Christmas carols for the mini-multitude to sing along.

On The Piano this Sunday, music of the season with Tchaikovsky's contribution to a music magazine, and then Liszt's music for his grandchildren with selections from his Christmas tree. Sergey Liapunov presents some music from the hinterlands of Russia, followed by some American spirituals as played by a master of touch and phrasing -- even music for the amateur with piano accompanied by triangle, bird call and toy trumpet.

Find music to lift your heart for this special season on The Piano this Sunday evening at 5 on KPAC & KTXI.