ICE Detainer Requests; Newspaper Sues NM Governor; Mexican Art

Apr 28, 2017


This week on Fronteras: 


·         How the ICE detainer system works when police arrest an undocumented immigrant.


·         “Caravan Against Fear” activists along the border have a specific message for the Trump administration.


·         NAFTA Re-negotiation Crucial For Texas


·         A Santa Fe newspaper sues the Governor saying she blacklisted it.


·         In Dallas, an exhibit showcasing 50 years of Mexican artworks is attracting large numbers of first generation Latino families


Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez sparked controversy with a new policy stating that her office would honor ICE detainer requests only in cases of suspected murder, human trafficking or aggravated sexual assault.
Credit Martin do Nascimento / KUT


How An ICE Detainer Request Works

A federal judge this week blocked a Trump administration order targeting so-called sanctuary cities.  President Trump’s order called for withholding funds from cities that limit cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  But a U.S. District Judge ruled the president has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.  The decision will stay in place while the lawsuit, filed in California, works its way through court.  The president’s order wanted cities to comply with all ICE detainer requests on undocumented immigrants booked into local jails. How exactly does an ICE detainer work? KUT’s Audrey McGlinchy explains.

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About 50 people marched through downtown Houston as part of the Caravan Against Fear
Credit Al Ortiz


Caravan Against Fear

Protests Sending Message To President Trump

Activists are rallying in cities along the U.S.-Mexico border to oppose how the Trump administration is enforcing immigration laws.  They’re calling the protests a “Caravan Against Fear.”  One of the participating cities is Houston.  Al Ortiz with Houston Public Media reports the Bayou City has become a crucial player in this movement which is encouraging a strike on May 1st.

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Credit Nicoguaro


NAFTA Re-Negotiation Crucial For Texas

President Trump announced Thursday that the U.S. will stay in NAFTA while the trade agreement is re-negotiated. He says if a “fair deal” is reached, the U.S. won’t pull out.. Houston Public Media’s Andrew Schneider explains why the start date for reopening NAFTA has been pushed back several times and why Texas has a lot riding on the outcome.  

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Daniel Yohalem, the Santa Fe Reporter's attorney
Credit Mark Woodward


New Mexico Journalists Claim Governor Blacklisted Their Newspaper

Turning now to New Mexico where a newspaper has sued the governor.  Susana Martinez campaigned on open government and promises of transparency. But journalists in New Mexico say her administration routinely blocks access to state experts and employees, and won’t respond to questions from news organizations that have published critical stories. A lawsuit filed by the Santa Fe Reporter claims that kind of blacklisting adds up to discrimination and censorship.  KUNM’s Marisa  Demarco reports.

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Mark Zusman is sworn in on Friday, March 31, by District Court Judge Sarah Singleton.


New Mexico Newspaper’s Lawsuit Alleges Government Secrecy

Did New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez violate the state’s sunshine law by failing to provide public records to a Santa Fe newspaper? That’s one of two questions at the heart of a lawsuit brought by the Santa Fe Reporter against the governor. KUNM’s Marisa Demarco continues her report digging into the lawsuit’s allegations of government secrecy.

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A decision on the lawsuit isn’t expected for weeks.


Ludy Salinas and her two daughters see their culture reflected in this art exhibit.
Credit Jessica Diaz-Hurtado


Mexican Art Exhibit Draws 1st Generation Latino Families

The Dallas Museum of Art is exploring 50 years of Mexican art. The exhibit features works from iconic artists like Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. KERA’s Jessica Diaz-Hurtado reports first generation Latino families are excited to see their rich cultural history.

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