Irving Berlin's Holiday Big Three

Mar 30, 2013

Irving Berlin
Credit Wikimedia Commons

 Irving Berlin is one of those who could easily have written a couple of songs, then retired to fame and great wealth. But like most highly creative people, his life was one of ceaseless creation, to the very end. Among his more than 900 songs are three which might be described as his Holiday Big Three: “God Bless America,” “White Christmas,” and “Easter Parade."

As we celebrate Easter, let's sit back and take a moment to revel in the lyric and musical voice of an American original. This is taken from the program “The Art of Irving Berlin,” written and produced in 2004 by James Baker and Kathy Couser for broadcast on KPAC. The “other” voice in this short segment is that of musical theater historian Aaron Gandy, singing the praises of Berlin's natural ability to write great lyrics to go with his outstanding melodies.

Happy Easter to all.