Labor Day Party in Charlotte, Whether You have a Pass to the DNC or Not

Sep 4, 2012

The people of Charlotte expressed their southern hospitality by inviting thousands of convention-goers downtown to spend the day together.

“It’s hot and there’s a lot of people running around, trying to see people at the convention." said Willie Hull, who lives in South Charlotte and thinks this is a great way to showcase his city.

Ilene Grayson loves that this street party gets everyone out, even if many won’t be going inside for the keynote speech tonight “because it allows people to be involved in the convention."

This is Paul Savastano’s first DNC, and he’s buying up Obama shirts, bumper stickers and buttons.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity," said Savastano, "and hoping Obama pulls it out this year.”

One red shirts says “Obama Y’all,” which gives standard political shirts a southern spin in this host city.  Lisa Fricke is a delegate from Nebraska and picked up a souvenir medallion.

Merchandise is flying off the shelves, and it’s all part of the atmosphere the people of Charlotte have embraced as they roll out the welcome mat and invite everyone to be involved in the DNC in one way or another.