Last Mid-Texas Symphony Seasonal Concert Is This Sunday

Apr 24, 2014

Mid-Texas Symphony has a performance on Sunday that may have escaped your attention, but I'm here to make sure it doesn’t!

“We are in Seguin, and we perform in Seguin and New Braunfels," said Mid-Texas Symphony Music Director David Mairs. "I think it’s been said that they are the two smallest cities in the United States that have a fully paid, fully professional orchestra. We are founded by Anita Windecker, a former piano professor at Texas Lutheran University.”

The Mid-Texas Symphony uses musicians from all around Seguin, but as Mairs explained, they don’t stop there.

“We have professional musicians from Austin, San Antonio, Houston, the Corpus Christi area," Mairs said. "We do six concerts a year, including some young peoples’ concerts, for about 4,000 students.”

Mairs said the music education end is one of his bigger pleasures.

“Music makes kids smarter; we know that from 30 years of research,” Mairs said.

You may remember Mairs' time with the San Antonio Symphony. 

“I served as the resident conductor for the San Antonio Symphony from '88 to '99,” said Mairs.

This Sunday the Mid-Texas Symphony is doing a concert featuring works by Ravel, Bartok and Dvořák.

“This is our final concert and it’s this Sunday at 4 p.m. at the BraunTex Theater in New Braunfels," said Mairs. "I think people are surprised when they come hear us. You know, what kind of orchestra is it going to be?' They play great. I’m very proud and happy to be their music director. We want people to enjoy themselves and really find the glory in orchestral music.”