Last Minute Rush is On to Find Perfect Christmas Gifts

Dec 24, 2012

Retailers are counting on those last minute shoppers to finish the year on a high note with many of them rush to buy those last-minute gifts.

“You know, we have the big gifts,” said Lisa Montanez, but added the smaller extra gifts help make a more complete Christmas experience.

While she shops for the knick-knacks, Teresa Sanchez says aunts and extended family members remain on her Christmas lists.

"It's just because we found out they're buying gifts for our kids so we went out and got them something since they're taking care of our kids,” she said.

But she knows it can get expensive so she's trying to keep the presents to $10 or less.

Other shoppers are just starting.

Alondra Garcia is one of them.

"I'm shopping for the Christmas presents for all my family,” she said. "And I'm still not done."

But the green in this year's holiday color scheme could be disappointing. Analysts report the Connecticut shootings, the looming fiscal cliff and Hurricane Sandy have dampened the holiday spirit.

The last weekend before Christmas typically helps retailers reach their goals. Reports did show Black Friday sales strong.

But if all customers during this last minute rush think the same as this man, who did not want to be identified, retailers may not have much to worry about.

"You name it, it's all of it,” he said when asked what he’s buying last minute. “We got all kinds of stuff. We're not done yet."