Leading Violinist Solos And Conducts San Antonio Symphony

Mar 20, 2013

Cho-Liang Lin features Vivaldi and Schubert this weekend in San Antonio

On tap Friday and Saturday night at the Majestic are Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" plus three works by the romantic composer Franz Schubert: Two violin and orchestra works, plus his "Symphony No. 6."

Leading the program is violinist/conductor Cho-Liang "Jimmy" Lin.

Lin is a world class violin soloist, recording artist and the artistic director of the La Jolla Chamber Music Festival. He talks about the San Antonio program, how he began conducting, and the importance of teaching.

"I now realize a young player needs to develop very quickly on how to play with good fundamentals. It's like figure skating or playing tennis on a high professional level - if you don't have the high requisite technique, the development is going to be hindered or pretty much rendered useless. So I think teaching is very important, we [as grown-ups] give something back to the next generation, things that we received from our mentors and teachers."