Lin Great Speaker Series at St. Mary's: Steven Kotler Pushes Limits

Oct 31, 2012

*This Lecture Aired on KSTX's The Newsmaker Hour November 18th 2012.

Pulitzer Prize nominee Steven Kotler wants to push your perceived limitations. Telling an audience of St. Mary's University Students and community members on October 31st, 2012, that the future is brighter than our own biases will allow us to believe.   His lecture spanned topics as vast as his imagination, from vertical farming to homemade drone aircraft.

As an award-winning journalist and bestselling author, Steven Kotler has spent more than two decades at the cutting-edge of science, religion, philosophy, culture, technology, and environmental affairs. Known for his original, erudite thinking, engaging storytelling and bad habit of risking life and limb, Kotler takes the quest for the meaning of life to a whole new level.

His books include New York Times Best Seller, Abundance, the Pulitzer Prize-nominated A Small, Furry Prayer, the Pen West finalist West of Jesus (called both "a unique window into the neuroscience of belief" and "one of the smartest books ever about the sport and religion of surfing") and the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller and winner of the 2000 William L. Crawford IAFA Fantasy Award for The Angle Quickest for Flight.

His award-winning articles have appeared internationally, in over 60 publications, including: New York Times Magazine, LA Times, London Observer, Wired, Discover, Popular Science, Outside, GQ, Details, Playboy and ESPN.