Magik Celebrates 20 Years Of Engaging Children In Performing Arts

Sep 10, 2013

San Antonio's Magik Theatre is celebrating its 20th anniversary season this year and Executive Director Richard Rosen credits the theater's longevity to what the kids get out of it.

"It gives them so much about how to share and how to think together and how to work together," Rosen said.

The Magik creates professional stage productions all year long, performing on the road, in area schools, and in its theater on South Alamo Street.

Marketing Director Aimee Stead sees a further calling in what the Magik does.

"We are essentially bringing to life something that may otherwise stay on a child's book shelf," she said. "We are creating stories onstage that I feel can stretch a child's imagination... It's like another form of recess or play, except they' re learning at the same time."

Rosen is looking at the Hemisfair redevelopment to have an impact on the next 20 years of the theater.