Makin' Hay Leaves Hardberger Park For Its New Home

Sep 6, 2013

The beloved "hay art" at Phil Hardberger Park is going away, but that doesn't mean they will be left with nothing. Art lovers will have something new to celebrate starting this weekend.

Makin’ Hay depicts giant human-like characters stacked up to 17 feet tall, made of steel and bales of hay, involved in various activities. Parks Project Manager Sandy Jenkins said the art is being removed this week and being taken to its home in Bentonville, Ark.

Created by public sculptor Tom Otterness, the exhibit was on loan from the Alturas Foundation. It was previously on display near Mission San Juan before spending 2two and a half years at Hardberger Park.

Jenkins said while Makin' Hay is being disassembled and moved away, a new art exhibit is being constructed in the park’s savannah.

“Golden Age,” a project by artist Anne Wallace, also will reflect the area’s agriculture history. Wallace's plan calls for a sculpture using irrigator parts and custom hardware to catch sunlight and reflect it to depict an illusion of wildfire.