Mayor Castro Uses National T.V. Appearance to Talk Early Education

Sep 24, 2012

Since his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro has become a national political figure. This morning, Castro was on NBC's "Today Show" talking about education.

Castro is in New York for a national education conference and took time to appear on the "Today Show" to trumpet the need for more parent involvement in their kids’ education.

"Schools are now embracing parents more, creating family rooms and parent rooms within schools, starting initiatives where parents talk with parents and mentor them so they can get involved. It's that empowerment of parents to actually, don't just think that the teachers and schools are the experts, also read to your child and be involved," said Castro.

Castro also took the opportunity to plug his Pre-K 4 SA initiative.

“What we are doing in San Antonio is we actually have a ballot initiative to start early to significantly invest in pre-K education," said Castro. "It’s so important that research shows the greatest return on investment is if you get kids in at three, four years old.”

Pre-K 4 SA would raise the sales tax one eight of a cent to fund the full day pre-kindergarten program. Opponents say there are too many unanswered questions about the plan.

See the video (Mayor Castro begins at 3.25 in the clip):

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