Museum Reach Re-Opens Under F.I.S.H. Exhibit

Feb 27, 2013

The closed section of the Riverwalk on Museum Reach has been re-opened to the public. When the F.I.S.H. art installation was damaged in Monday’s windstorms, the San Antonio River Authority had to close the section of trails under the I-35 overpass.

On Tuesday crews cleaned up fallen debris from the broken F.I.S.H. and partially re-opening of one side of the river.

Wednesday, SARA re-opened the east bank of the River, noting that it may have to be closed again temporarily when repairs get underway.

Of the 25 seven-foot-long fish installed in 2009, one was knocked off its hanger and literally had to be fished out of the river; another was barely hanging on, and four others suffered breakage.