New Braunfels Utilities Warns Of Possible Water-Testing Scam

May 3, 2013

Several residents have reported strange phone calls about water testing in their homes so New Braunfels Utilities is cautioning its customers that there may be a scam in the works since the people ask to come outside of business hours.

"That kind of raises some concern whether their drinking water is okay," said NBU Communication Manager Gretchen Reuwer. "Many of them have agreed, but once they do that, they start thinking about the time in the evening that these people want to come in, and they know that NBU has regular office hours," Reuwer said. 

Reuwer said the phone calls are vague and seem to be targeting seniors, but there haven't been any police reports from people who have actually allowed the callers into their homes.

Customers should ask for an NBU ID card from anyone who does come to the home, and watch for white trucks with the NBU green and blue logo.