New Year's Resolutions - Listeners & Staff Sound Off

Jan 4, 2013


Positivity, health, and organization are common resolutions year after year. But what are the reasons behind them? And what do people hope to accomplish with each resolution?

With the sharp increase of half-marathons, 5Ks, and fun runs, it has become easier for people to be philanthropic and fit.

In response to our informal Facebook poll, BigPapa Sharp repeated the words of Deena Kastor, an Olympic bronze medalist: "Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most, define us."

Continuing to motivate oneself can be the greatest challenge. However, achievable goals -- such as keeping an exercise diary as Daniel Groven plans to do -- allow the momentum to continue throughout the year.

TPR reporter Joey Palacios and Morning Edition host Crystal Chavez are catching the fitness bug. Joey resolves to compete in more 5Ks and cycling events, while Crystal would like to take up yoga.

While personal goals can nurture the body, family goals can help nurture the soul, and Joey and Crystal both have goals for their family life.

Crystal’s grandmother, who passed away at the beginning of December, was involved in youth philanthropy throughout her life. To honor her, Crystal resolves to volunteer and focus her efforts on non-profits that assist children. For Joey, a San Antonio native, spending more time with his family is key in his busy reporting schedule.

Resolutions don't always have to be specific, they can be more general, and reflect an overall projection on the world itself. Donna Carcolici Nickerson stated on our Facebook poll that her resolution is "to be positive and thankful for the abundance of love surrounding me. I resolve to… make my own happiness."

Sometimes, that is all it takes.

The new year also brings hope for those who would like to complete projects and organize their lives.

After a 2012 trip to Jerusalem, Maria Olivia Perez Patino said she wants to finish her manuscript that covers her reflections on the experience. Gary Whitford included the acronym: MMELAO [Move More, Eat Less, Appreciate Order].

Resolutions are an annual promise to yourself -- like Bonnie Scott, who made a goal to give up goals -- and no matter how you feel about resolutions, you can always just resolve to keep on doing what you're doing.

Here at Texas Public Radio, we resolve to continue to serve our listeners with up-to-date news coverage, classical music selections and live performances. Happy New Year!