Opera Piccola Moves Downtown To The Empire For New Season

Oct 7, 2013

Opera Piccola's season starts with a few surprises and amongst those is a big one: Moving into downtown’s Charline McCombs Empire theater.

"It only seats 800 people," said General Director Mark Richter, "so no matter where you sit in the Empire Theater, it’s a tremendous seat."

They’ve also begun positioning the company in a way unlike what many people think when they think of opera.

"Our productions are in English, our productions are very innovative, I guess a little more hip than you would think,' Richter said. "And we’re trying to attract that downtown audience, and bring people downtown, as the center of our culture downtown."

Richter characterizes the audiences he's looking to reach this way.

"These are young, smart professionals, that, the reason why they moved downtown is to be a part of that renaissance of arts that’s happening in our city," he said.

Their first production this fall is called "The Medium."

"It’s perfect in time for Halloween," Richter said. "It’s a wonderful story about a charlatan who has séances at her house. And one night an actual ghost reaches out and touches her, she thinks."

The music is live, provided and created on the scene by local professional musicians.