Perry In Dallas To Talk Oil & Gas Growth

Sep 12, 2013

Gov. Rick Perry is joining oil, gas, economic, finance and energy experts in Dallas today for an energy conference to discuss ways America can continue its growth in oil and gas.

The goal of the conference, which is being hosted by the George W. Bush Institute, is:

"To determine the cost that misguided regulation imposes on growth and to suggest more sensible policies that could benefit America."

Josh Havens is with the governor’s office and said Perry's main talking point will be about how Texas achieved energy growth.

"It’s basically how the oil and gas boom has affected Texas and what the state will be doing moving forward to continue the economic success and trying to balance out individual rights, economic rights and still allowing a regulatory environment that allows businesses to grow," Havens said.

Havens said one of the big topics on everyone’s mind is how the state plans to address the Texas Department of Transportation's proposed plan to convert hundreds of miles of South Texas roads back into gravel, as well what to do about the 30 percent of water in Texas being used for hydraulic fracking.

"Because it’s on the forefront of  everyone’s minds, one of things he will point out is why it was so important to get that transportation funding and water funding passed through this last legislative session," Havens said.