The Saltarelli String Orchestra, An All-Volunteer Orchestra With A Long History

Nov 25, 2013

While the Saltarelli String Orchestra has been around for quite a while -- 45 years -- they've pretty much been under the radar.

"The Saltarelli String Orchestra is recognized at one of the oldest all-volunteer community string orchestras in the United States," said Linda Hart-Garrahan, who plays viola in the group.

The group is conducted by Florence Saltarelli and their concert for tonight has a pair of special guests.

"Aaron Prado -- he’s doing a special arrangement for us, a jazz arrangement -- and also his father George Prado will be playing with us, so we’re very excited" Hart-Garrahan said.

She said the music selection that the group plays is diverse.

"It can be light classical, pop, Broadway," Hart-Garrahan said. "That’s the wonderful thing about it because you never know what’s going to be on the program."

How does a volunteer orchestra work?

"If you can read music -- even just a little bit -- just bring your stringed instrument and come and play with us," she said. "Even if you’re a beginner and you want to expand your horizons as a musician and really play with other musicians, it’s a great opportunity."

If you wonder whether you’re ready for that kind of challenge, Hart-Garrahan says this:

"You’re never going to be ready sitting on that bench. We can help you."

Sounds like something you could check off the bucket list.