San Antonio Symphony Presents Baroque In The Historic San Fernando

Nov 27, 2013

The San Fernando Cathedral is one of San Antonio’s most iconic and most storied buildings and when the San Antonio Symphony matched a special event to the building, a hit was created.

"It was so popular last year, especially in the San Fernando Cathedral, where the music matches the building," said San Antonio Symphony Associate Conductor Akiko Fujimoto.

"The cathedral was built during the Baroque period in the mid 18th century," she said.

The music the pared-down symphony of about 22 players will be playing is all baroque, as Fujimoto details.

"It’s a very intimate setting," she said. "Unlike the Majestic Theatre, which seats 2000 people, the San Fernando only seats 500. You will be right up there with the orchestra, encircling the orchestra."

They will be playing some very period Christmas music and "an interesting piece called Hypochondria," Fujimoto said.

Asked how she felt as a conductor to be playing in a historically amazing place she said:

"Absolutely, the place makes all the difference," Fujimoto said. "It really puts you in the mood, and the acoustics are very generous."

The symphony is at the San Fernando Cathedral on Sunday night.