San Antonio Symphony's Jeff Garza Polishes Rare Mozart Gem

Jan 9, 2013

Jeff Garza solos with the symphony this weekend in Mozart's Fourth Horn Concerto

You often see Jeff Garza at the back of the orchestra, leading the San Antonio Symphony horn section, but this weekend, you'll have the chance to hear Jeff also shine in a concerto, out in front of the orchestra!

"I actually will play the Elgar [Enigma Variations], I just didn't like the idea of sitting around all week, just waiting for the concerto. Since it is not a terribly taxing concerto, I thought for my own mental well being - to be doing something - so I thought I'll just go ahead and play it."

The orchestra will also play Elgar's Enigma Variations and begin the program with John Adams' early minimalist masterpiece, Shaker Loops.

"It's a really beautiful piece, it's the most mature - there are four Mozart Horn Concertos, and its definitely the most Mozartean of the four, its very sophisticated!"

Last fall, Jeff and the horn section of the SA Symphony played in the TPR Music Library!