Say Sí Students Learn to Illustrate Movement for Fotoseptiembre

Sep 20, 2012

The staff at Say Sí plans for a certain theme that can be woven into each show throughout the year. From there, students produce art pieces for a variety of events; Fotoseptiembre is one of those.

"Ok, so the theme of Fotoseptiembre; the theme was decided ahead of time during the project planning, and the theme was 'Stillness in Motion,'" said Nicole Amri, program and outreach coordinator for Say Sí.

As photo students of the digital age, students are learning some of the finer points of Photoshop image editing and design software. Half of the high school students expressed their works in digital photography with little or no manipulation, and the other half worked in printmaking.

Printmaking examples at the Say Sí exhibit.
Credit Eileen Pace / Texas Public Radio

“The printmaking techniques that they chose were pushwa, silk screening and monoprints,” said Amri.

Students at Say Sí are taught the full spectrum of art training, from concept and design through production and curating works; they attend Say Sí classes all year after school, on Saturdays and all day during the summer. The older students mentor the younger ones.

“Having to teach a middle-school student, who’s not that many years off, is an opportunity to get better for both students. So, the language is closer than maybe the instructors would be, and they can explain it in a way that they would understand,” Amri said.

Artists will be on hand to answer questions and at various times throughout the Fotoseptiembre exhibit.