Soothing Sounds From Pine's New Violin Lullabies

May 13, 2013

London saw the printing of "Mother Goose-Melody" around 1765 - you might remember it from childhood, and perhaps even sung it to your child. Violinist Rachel Barton Pine has been singing to her daughter Sylvia, and decided to make an entire album of lullabies.

Pine researched far and wide to record 25 different settings - and three download-only lullabies. Especially tender are Brahms, Reger, and Schumann songs with her collaborative keyboardist Matthew Hagle. Rachel says it was hard to choose just these selections, there were over 150! 

"If my husband and I are lucky enough to give Sylvia a sibling, then there might indeed be a Volume 2, and if there IS a Volume 2, I definitely want to include the Dvorak and Tchaikovsky lullabies - which I would do my own transcriptions. But I decided to go with historic transcriptions by famous violinists of the past for this particular album, because there were so many great ones that I sorta wanted to bring back to life!"

A musical score for these lullabies is in the works, so that others may hear and play the various lullabies. Amongst this collection will be works by European and American composers of African, Armenian, Belgian, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, and Spanish descent.

Here is Rachel playing Brahms' very famous Lullaby:

You can also listen to this new release on Spotify: