The Source: Affordable Care Act Implementation | Moonlight Sonata At The Mayo Clinic

Jul 22, 2013

In the first segment:

The Affordable Care Act, also called Obamacare, has a looming October 1 deadline on several aspects of the law. The employer mandate was recently delayed a year, so will the health insurance exchanges also be pushed back?

Dr. Jack Meyer from the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy joins us to talk about where the program stands and what needs to be done to ease the transition.

Tiffany Hogue is the Director of the Statewide Healthcare Campaign for the Texas Organizing Project.

Mimi Garcia, Texas State Director of Enroll America.

In the second segment:

Nora Gallagher found out she was going blind but her doctors weren't sure why. Her memoir, "Moonlight Sonata in the Mayo Clinic," is an exploration of the diagnosis, the nature of illness and how her life grew as a result.

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