The Source: Bexar County Schools 'Go Public' | Texas Juvenile Justice & Mental Health

Nov 14, 2013

In the first segment:

A new public image campaign launched last week by Bexar County schools is aimed at making you aware of how great public schools are doing in the face of dramatic hardships. The "Go Public" campaign asks people to look at the multiple roles public schools have been asked to take on and to tell their stories supporting them.

We talk with Bobby Blount, head of the Northside Independent School District School Board, along with Southwest ISD Superintendent Lloyd Verstuyft to explain the campaign and what Bexar County schools are getting right.

In the second segment:

In this state it is estimated that 70 percent of kids in juvenile facilities are suffering from mental health problems. After budget cuts coming out of the last legislative session, the state-run Texas Juvenile Justice Department is considering closing a mental health facility for youths.  

Lawmakers are backpedaling and the future of how the state cares for the mental health of its incarcerated youth is in question. A new law allows for the county juvenile system to tackle the issue themselves.

We are joined by Mike Griffiths, Executive Director of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, to talk about what is coming.

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