The Source: Do Students In Texas Take Too Many Standardized Tests?

Apr 17, 2013

In the first segment: 

San Antonio state Rep. Mike Villarreal is the author of a bill being considered to reduce the number of standardized tests. Also joining us is Jim Windham, chairman of Texas Institute for Education Reform.

Texas' search for greater accountability in the classroom with tests has inspired similar programs in states across the country, but have they gone too far?  Lawmakers in Austin are considering rolling back the number of state-mandated tests from 15 to 5.

In the second segment:

Kevin Parman, chairman of the Las Casas Foundation Scholarship Committee and the organization's vice president, talks about who they support and why. Student recipient Cristy Cintora talks about how Las Casas has helped her

The Las Casas Foundation is dedicated to the performing arts in San Antonio. Every year they give away several scholarships to promising young performers.

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