The Source: Mayor Taylor Talks 2016 Goals

Dec 30, 2015

Credit Ryan Loyd / TPR News

Many of us are working on our list of goals for the coming year and Mayor Ivy Taylor is no different. Mayor Taylor is making public policy plans for 2016.

 During 2015 the city of San Antonio had an on again and off again set of proposals for expanding the city limits. At one point it appeared that 52 thousand new people and 87 square miles were going to be tacked onto the city.

But Taylor hit the pause button on that plan and she said she’s not going to un-pause annexation in 2016.

“on annexation I think there are a lot of questions that we need to ask – tough questions.”

Speaking on The Source on Wednesday Taylor said 2016 will be focused on laying the ground work for the 2017 bond election. She said there needs to be community conversations across the city to figure out what needs are and what are the smart investments.

“Which could be in the range of 750 million dollars of investment into our city for a variety of things which could range from parks to roads to cultural institutions – streets and drainage – all those kinds of things.”

Taylor added that there could be room in bond election for affordable housing – in trying to find ways to stabilize neighborhoods but how that will look will be up to the community dialog that takes place in the coming year.