The Source: The Next America

Mar 12, 2014

  "American" has never been a static term. The great flood of immigrants throughout the 1800s, the vast displacements of history that brought people to our shores, and the generational tides while less dramatic are proving to be no less turbulent to our understanding of that word.

These generational changes in attitudes, beliefs and endeavors are the focus of Pew Research Executive Vice President, Paul Taylor's new book, "The Next America." Taylor explores the character of our "boomer" and "millennial" generations with extensively researched polling data. 

One of the central issues in his book is the hotly contested necessity of reform for social welfare programs.

“[A]s our population ages, how do we keep our promises to the old without bankrupting the young and starving the future?” 


Paul Taylor, Author of "The Next America" and Executive Vice President of Special Projects at the Pew Research Center.