The Source: SA2020 Progress | EN Special Report: A Child Unprotected

Jun 10, 2013

In the first segment:

How is San Antonio doing on SA2020? They released a study last week charting their progress and today CEO Darryl Byrd joins us to explain it.

Also included is an interview with Brookings Researcher Jonathan Rothwell, whose study, "The Hidden STEM Economy," pegs San Antonio as lagging behind its other cities in attracting high-wage, high-tech jobs.

In the second segment:

In this weekend's San Antonio Express-News article "A Child Unprotected" Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje explores the Bexar County Child Protective Services and a case where one child died and two parents were convicted of neglect, only to have the verdict overturned and a department fail its mandate.

Stoeltje joins us to talk about putting together this story.

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