The Source: SAWS Rate Increase Explained | Why Do We Do What We Do

Sep 30, 2013

In the first segment:

The San Antonio Water System wanted a rate increase of more than 13 percent from the city council for 2014, but last week that rate was slashed to 5.1 percent for 2014 with another 5.3 percent coming online in 2015. The rate was increased 8.3 percent in March of this year.  

From desalinization plants and infrastructure to nearly a half billion dollar upgrade tab agreed to under threat from the Environmental Protection Agency, SAWS Vice-President of Public Affairs, Greg Flores, CEO Robert Puente joins us to explain the numbers and how our money is being used.

In the second segment:

You are impulsive. Doesn't matter who you are, every decision you make is rooted in impulse, argues Dr. David Lewis in his new book "Impulse: Why We Do What We Do Without Knowing Why We Do It."

Lewis joins us to make his case for the 'Zombie brain" that drives our unconscious decisions in the conscious world.

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