The Source: Social Mobility In America | The Ethics Of Secret Recordings In Media

Aug 19, 2013

In the first segment:

The American Dream holds that hard work and determination pay off, but is that still true? Does the "land of opportunity" still exist in America? Turns out it depends on a lot of  things, not the least is where you live.

The Equality of Opportunity Project  at Harvard shows us that cities like Salt Lake City have social mobility comparable to the best developed countries, whereas Milwaukee and Atlanta have the mobility rates less than any developed country.

Closer to home, an analysis of South Texas and the Lower Mississippi Delta entitled "Race and Place," which was conducted by Joachim Singelmann, chair of the Department of Demography at UTSA, shows the determinants of poverty in rural areas.

We speak with Singelmann and Nathaniel Hendren, co-investigator on the Equality of Opportunity Project.

In the second segment:

With last week's column by Brian Chasnoff revealing a strategy session by District 9 Councilwoman Elisa Chan's office that was riddled with homophobic comments and comparisons, the national trend of secret recordings being released to the media becomes local.

We look at the history of secret recordings in the media from Food Lion to Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and Acorn.