The Source: State Republicans Eye Bexar County

Feb 19, 2014

Primary races are seeing their first votes come in but before the main events start to surface, Bexar county is being watched by the Republican Party of Texas as a the proving ground for the party's future.  

As Texas becomes more diverse -- already a minority majority state -- the whiter of the two parties is hoping to make a competitive bid for San Antonio's vote, thinking as Bexar goes so goes the state.

The 2012 election brought us Sheriff Susan Parmerleau, but it also saw the county go to President Obama by a convincing margin. How will state and local officials convince San Antonio to turn red? How specifically does the party intend to market its values to Latinos?

Credit Texas Almanac 2011-2012


  • David Zapata, Hispanic engagement director for the Republican Party of Texas
  • Robert Stovall, Bexar County chair for the Republican Party of Texas

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